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Watch: UK Officials Baffled by 'Hot UFO'


In a surprising show of transparency, a UK law enforcement agency has released remarkable infrared footage of a UFO filmed by a police helicopter.

The National Police Air Service posted the video to their Twitter feed a few days ago, asking their followers if they had "any suggestion" as to what the object might be.


According to responses from the organization to inquisitive followers, the incident occurred earlier in the month when an incoming helicopter filmed the object for about seven minutes on a Saturday evening.

They confessed to being perplexed by the anomaly since it was giving off a tremendous amount of heat and was traveling into the wind, which suggests it was not a lantern.

Additionally, the agency said that they could not spot the object using a daytime setting for the camera and air traffic control also reported nothing unusual in the area.

Incredibly, the NPAS did not shy away from usually verboten possibility that it was a UFO as they included an alien emoji with questions marks when originally posting the video to Twitter.

A legitimate organization in the UK sharing the video with the public and asking if it might be a UFO is noteworthy, whether the object has a prosaic explanation or not.

Time will tell if this is a sign that perhaps the veil of secrecy surrounding UFOs is slowly lifting or if an employee of the NPAS thought it would be fun to share the video on Twitter and will be getting chewed out by their bosses later this week.

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