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New Study Sheds Light on Deathbed Visions


A recent study from Japan may strengthen the case for the afterlife as it found a remarkable number of dying people report having contact with the 'other side' prior to their death.

The research came in the form of a survey to family members of people who recently passed away and asked them numerous questions about the experience, seemingly in an attempt to improve end-of-life care in the country.

Included among those inquires was a curious question about the phenomenon of deathbed visions being seen by their family member before they died.

In a testament to how these experiences are seen in Japanese culture, they actually have a name: Omukae.

Incredibly, a whopping 22% of the respondents reported such an occurrence taking pace prior to their loved one passing away.

An additional question provided even more insight into these events as around 25% of those people claim to also have witnessed the visions which their dying family member saw, while the other 75% were only told about the experience prior to their loved one passing away.

Other enlightening findings from the study included that nearly 90% of the visions were of someone who had passed away previously, most notably parents, and older female patients seemed to the most likely to experience the phenomenon.

Although the study certainly does not prove the reality of the phenomenon to a degree that would satisfy an ardent skeptic, it may help to further normalize 'deathbed visions' for doctors who have patients that experience them.

And, in turn, as the phenomenon becomes more and more accepted as real but unsolved, we just may begin taking a closer look at it and how it could provide the elusive answer to what happens when we die.

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