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Happy National Ghost Hunting Day!


Teams of paranormal investigators throughout America will be joining forces this evening to commemorate the first-ever National Ghost Hunting Day.

Dubbed the 'World's Largest Ghost Hunting Event,' simultaneous investigations will begin across the country at 10 PM Eastern Time.

Serving as the epicenter for this unique event is ScareFest in Lexington, Kentucky, where the festivities will be kicked off via a celebratory shotgun blast.

Shortly thereafter, around fifty investigations will commence in different sites around the country with nearly 1,000 ghost hunters, in total, participating.

It is believed that thousands more will be joining in on the investigation via a variety of live streams showcasing various ghost hunts as they are underway.

The organizers behind National Ghost Hunting Day say that the newly-created October 1st holiday aims to educate the public on proper methods for paranormal investigation and celebrate the culture surrounding the popular pastime.

And while some skeptics may sneer at a day set aside to honor ghost hunting, the event also serves to help local communities as a portion of the proceeds from the massive investigation will go to animal shelters.

With that in mind, there may only be one group that is not particularly thrilled about a holiday celebrating the stalking of spirits: the ghost themselves.

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