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13 Haunted Washington Locations That Will Keep You Up At Night

Adopted from, by Nikki Cleveland

1. Black Diamond Cemetary

Being a cemetery, it's not too surprising there have been consistent reports coming from it but reasonable explanations can usually be given for most instances. For example, some people have said they've heard whistling and voices in the wind but it could be argued that since it's an open area, the sounds could have come from anywhere, especially from being carried in the breeze.

2. Old Tacoma City Hall

Excerpts from the Tacoma News Tribune on February 18, 1974 documented that police were called to the old city hall building repeatedly because break-in and fire alarms were being set off but there was no logical explanation as to why. Lights also flickered in rooms that had been empty but no intruders were found.

3. Oxford Saloon, Snohomish

In 2005-2006, the Washington State Ghost Society allegedly performed a number of investigations here and picked up several EVP’s (Electronic Voice Phenomena). To this day even, there are mysterious incidents being reported!

4. Campbell House, Spokane (Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, or the MAC)

While you may think eyes moving in a portrait only happens in movies, you'll be horrified to hear that type of creepy activity has been reported here. It was also peculiar that there were stories widely circulating that three of the Campbell children who lived here in the early 1900s were murdered by an intruder, then kidnapped a fourth kid who was never seen again - but the Campbell family only had one child, who lived healthily into her adulthood.

5. Hotel de Haro, Roche Harbor, San Juan Islands

A female apparition has been seen walking the halls at this 1886 hotel. Another attraction is the McMillin building nearby which contains a dining room setup and each place has a section that holds the ashes of a family member. The ghost family has been reported to be seen sitting in their places at sundown!

6. Mount Baker Theater, Bellingham

Since the theater opened in 1927, inexplicable noises, ghosts and frigid corridors are only a few of the spine-tingling experiences that have been said to have occurred here, especially when the audience is leaving. More reports include gusts of cold air, balls of light and a strange voice calling out people's names.

7. Lewis County Historical Museum, Chehalis

The group Paranormal Investigations of Historic America deemed this museum haunted after a 2010 search picked up many recorded voices responding to things the investigators said. Visitors and employees have also noted seeing the ghosts of two different men and a Native American woman walking around the building!

8. University Heights, Seattle​

This school later turned community center is believed to have a young boy that haunts its halls who used to be a student there. People have claimed they've heard children laughing and playing and investigators have picked up EVP's here too!

9. Butterworth Building - now Kells Irish Pub, Seattle

This mortuary-now-bar in downtown Seattle was actually featured on Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel! There has been an abundance of dead bodies at this location due to disease, mining accidents and violence back during the early 1900s.

10. Rucker Mansion, Everett

The Rucker family gained their fortune by helping establish the city of Everett and resided in this mansion. Mrs. Rucker is believed to haunt the home and rumors say that since she leapt to her death from the bedroom window, her spirit has been heard playing the piano.

11. Meeker Mansion, Puyallup​

Eliza and Ezra Meeker were pioneers who were influential in founding the city of Puyallup and more of the Puget Sound region and their ghosts are thought to still haunt this home. There have been a number of claims of suspicious activity, such as the strong smell of perfume coming from nowhere and a clear, full-on phantom of Ezra has been seen by quite a few people during some of the events here.

12. Tokeland Hotel

Supposedly, this hotel is haunted by a Chinese immigrant from the early 1900s who is commonly referred to as "Charlie". One day, he had been hiding in a secret spot behind the fireplace and accidentally suffocated & died, so now his ghost wanders the halls.

13. Northern State Mental Hospital, Sedro-Woolley

Nearly 2,000 patients lived at this psychiatric clinic. Some died naturally but some were murdered through strenuous physical labor, electroshock therapy, sterilization and even lobotomies. There have been a variety of ghost sightings here, including a man being pushed in a wheelchair by a nurse!

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